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AABANA Beach & Watersport Resort Malapascua

DOT Accreditation for 2024 not yet released


The most comfortable way to reach Malapascua is a direct transfer by   Car/Van+Boat direct from Airport to Malapascua.

Usually it´s no problem for us to pick you up on the Airport and transfer direct to our beach to Malapascua. Even at midnight.

Transfercost for Pickup are as follows:

    1a.) Car(1-3 persons) Airport Cebu (Mactan) to Maya(jumpoffpoint to Malapascua)  
           php 2500.00 any time

    1b.) VAN (4-6 persons) Airport Cebu (Mactan) to Maya(jumpoffpoint to Malapascua)  
          php 3000.00 any time

    2.) Pumpboat "Special Ride" Maya - Malapascua php 1600.00 anytime

            So total transfercost one way Cebu Airport to Malapascua Beach

    • for 2 persons is php 4100.00 one way excluding eventually costs for the little TUNDA (php 20 per person)
    • for 4 persons is php 4600.00 one way excluding eventually costs for the little TUNDA (php 20 per person)

If you want us to organize your transfer, than our driver will be there to fetch you and guide you to your Car/Van.

Just to give you an idea for the time schedule:

After you Arrival , you have to pass the Immigration, than get your luggage and than after passing the custom go straight to the Main Exit Door. 

So when you leave the Airport´s Main Exit, Have a look on the other side of the Airport Street, there is a fence with security gueard where the people are waiting for arriving passengers (waiting zone for those who fetch the arriving passengers). We bring a white Din A4/A3 Signboard/paper written with the words "AABANA, Malapascua". Please look at us and give us a sign that you saw us. Thats the moment we are allowed to come to you and get the vehicle. Its a littlebit complicated, but thats the AIRPORT RULES to keep the Exit of the Airport hall free from too much traffic.

From Arrival time about 30 minutes waiting the Immigrations, getting your luggage maybe 20 minutes. getting out of the Airport Custom about 10 minutes.
Arriving in Maya after about 3.0 hours by Car/VAN. I f you ordered already complete transfer including Boattransfer, than in Maya is waiting your passenger boat wich brings you right to our beach.

But on the other hand if you have lots of time and dont look forward for comfortable but somehow more expensive ride to Malapascua, or if you are an experienced Backpacker who like to run the rough ways, or if you are willing to wait hours for a boat going to Malapascua,
there is a cheaper way to reach malapascua:


From Mactan Airport with a taxi to the “Northern Bus Terminal” takes approximately 25minutes, traffic depending. If you would rather take a metered taxi, which are more economical than the private ones waiting at the arrival gate, simply walk up the ramp to the departures area and hail a white street taxi, make sure they put the meter on.

Public BUS Transfer

On reaching the bus terminal we recommend the bright yellow Ceres Bus Liner, non Aircon, php 163 per person. This company has fairly direct buses that leave for Maya, the jump off point for Malapascua Island, approximately every 30minutes. Ceres Bus TOURS is the Aircon busses, price is php 170 per persons. The Aircon busses are mostly brand new tyoe and more comfortable (only 4 seats in a row) than the “Ceres Liner”

Regular CERES Busses:

Ceres Busses time table:
1. Last Bus North Bus Terminal CEBU - MAYA: 11: 40 pm (23:40)
2. First Bus North Bus Terminal CEBU - MAYA:   1: 00 am (01:00)
3. Last Bus Pantalan MAYA-CEBU:                   5:00 pm  (17:00)
4. First Bus Pantalan MAYA-CEBU:                   1:00 am  (01:00)


  • CEBU – MAYA via BAGAY :
    Departure     Arrival
  • 5:00 AM       8:30 AM
  • 7:00 AM     10:30 AM
  • 9:00 AM     12:30 AM
  • 11:00 AM     2:30 PM
  • 3:00 PM       6:30 PM
  • 5:00 PM       8:30 PM
    Departure     Arrival
  • 6:00 AM      9:30 AM
  • 7:00 AM     10:30 AM
  • 9:20 AM     12:50 AM
  • 11:00 AM     2:30 AM
  • 1:00 PM      4:30 PM
  • 3:00 PM      6:30 PM

all other CERES Busses leave about every 30 minutes.

The journey itself takes between 3 – 4 hours and costs Php 163 (Aircon 170) per person. The best time to travel is early in the morning as it tends to be cooler and there is less traffic on the roads. Be sure you always take the bus with the signboard “Maya Bagay”. The bus stops once, after about 1hour, outside of the city for a brief toilet and snack break and sometimes a second brief stop at Bogo City the largest town between Cebu and Maya.

Public BOAT Transfer

Once you arrive at Maya the bus will stop at the ‘pier’(Pantalan), where once again there will be some very friendly ‘porters’ awaiting to assist you with your bags. There is a small white ticket booth, where you can buy a ticket for the next Banka (outrigger boat) to Malapascua; the tickets cost Php 80 per person. If it is a low tide the larger Banka’s cannot reach the pier so you will have to ride a “tunda” (small paddle boat) to the larger boat, this costs approximately Php 20 per person/bag. Expect for at least your feet to get wet – possibly more. 

But be very careful, some of those “helpful porters” or other guys from boatcrews are approching you to sell you “Special Ride” to Malapascua, telling that NO BOAT goes at the next time, even if boats are scheduled to go. So after a while -are after hours- you are getting tired of endless waiting -in the meantime several boats have left the port- thats the chance for the “CANVASSER´s” to sell you the SPECIAL RIDE, promising the boat will leave in a few minutes. But when you are on the boat, you may notice that you are not alone and other passengers filling up the boat, paying the same SPECIAL PRICE that you already did. Well, that CAN HAPPEN, but must not be. If you are lucky you dont have to wait for a long time and get a ride fot the regular price of PhP 80 per person immediatly.....

The boats leave about every 30 minutes although you can sometimes have a long wait while they wait to fill up with passengers. If there are not at least 10 passengers, no boat will go to Malapascua, so you have to order a SPECIAL RIDE for a price of almost 1200 php (night time 1500 php). The first boat is at 8:30AM and the last is at 5:00PM, although the schedule is set till 4:00PM. The boat trip takes around 45 minutes and drops you off at Logon, the barrio proper or ‘town’. To get to "AABANA Beach- and Watersport Resort, Mike & Diose Beachcottage" from here simply turn right and follow the path towards the Main Beach(Bounty Beach). From there you can either walk about 15 minutes straight up the beach or follow the back path that will lead you to “AABANA Beach- and Watersport Resort, Mike & Diose Beachcottage" .

MAYA gets a new Port by Goverment, This NEW PORT should be opened in May-June 2014. So the above description of the old private port may be not vacant anymore on your arrival.

Maya PORT Area(old private port):

The jumpoffpoint to Malapascua has no REAL HARBOUR or PORT.

Maya PANTALAN is a private port for local fisherman and small passenger boats, which has been made of poured big rocks, without any proper pier for passenger ships. Passengers must either climb over huge rocks, or balancing on narrow wooden planks to get to the passenger boats. 

At low tide, passengers must wade through shallow waters to reach the small boats called TUNDA wich then bring them to the outside the port in the deep water anchoring passengerboats.

Also in Malapascua it is very difficult to get to the beach. Again one has to use the little TUNDA´s or other small boats to reach the islands beach.

So everyone must walk through the shallow water  to the boats and than after arriving the island walk again through the shallow water to the island´s beach. Therefore, he must know and needs to realize that he is getting wet feet and wet legs entering and leaving the passengerboats during the tidal´s  VERY LOW TIDE..
Take care to wear the right clothes for that trip.


Because Malapascua has no really PORT or HARBOUR, the landing of Passengerboats are always on some beach. The Point of landing depends on the weather situation. Usually Arrival Malapascua is Bario LOGON, but if it is bad weather and strong waves and winds coming from westside, the Arrival will be changed to the South of Malapascua near COCOBANA Resort or even EASTSIDE PASIL village.

But best would be if you contact us twice by cellphone (Text message or phone call, better message)when you leave with bus from Cebu (Take always only CERES Liner !), and give us departure time of Bus and BUS NUMBERwhen you arrive in MAYA and take the passengerboat, 
tell us when (time) you leave Maya and the give us BOATNAME. Ask the crew where does the boat will landing in Malapascua (which is arrival place ) and tell us, so we can fetch you there and get also your luggage.

When you arrive in Malapascua then possible some CANVASSER will talk to you and want you to change your accommodation/reservation and bring you to other places than our place, cause they want to earn some COMMISSION from those canvassing Resorts. Dont let them bother you and just tell them to bring you to our place.
If you send us already an textmessage what time you are leaving Maya and give us the boat name, then we can fetch you on arrival in Malapascua!!

  • Cellphone  (Resort Caretaker):
    +63 917 875 4736 -Globe, Landline Cebu +63 32 316 3362 (Cebuano, lTagalog, English)
    +63 917 523 4105 -Globe, Landline Cebu
    +63 32 406 8465 (Cebuano, lTagalog, English)
  • Cellphone KIKO (Coordinator)
    0917  524 4105-Globe, Landline Cebu 32 406 8466  (Cebuano, Tagalog, English)
  • Cellphone MIKE/DIOSE : +63 905 263 2914 NOT AVAILABLE, on vacation at the moment. Or call GERMANY +49 176 3820 8522


We have no own restaurant yet, only a so called Filipino dirty kitchen. But we serve breakfast on the terrace of your cottage or on the beach.  There are a lot of Restaurants on Malapascua. From the native cheap resto to exclusive restaurants, Pizzarias and Bars.

But if you dont want lunch or dinner on an island restaurant , we serve also lunch and dinner on the terrace of your cottage or even on our beach cottage(Bahay Kubo).


On Malapascua are 2 Internetcafe’s ,and there are some Restaurants who offer INTERNET in their place, like MABUHAY, TSD, SUNSPLASH and other.

On our place we offer our guest FREE WIFI Internet connection.  So if you got your own WiFi-Notebook or Smartphone, you don’t have to use those expensive Internet-service from external . WIFI on our place is for our guest for FREE.


When visiting Malapascua Island please remember that there is no bank or cash point or ATM here, so be sure to bring enough cash to cover all your holiday needs. 

There is no ATM in Malapascua. nearest ATM is city BOGO, about 1.5 hours from Malapascua. We from our resort go to BOGO once a week and in that way can assist you also in getting money from ATM or do it for you as for other guests.

Better you get money in Cebu City during your stay in Cebu on arrival. We can assist you with that also.

Currency is PHP (Philippine Peso) or EURO or USD, but PHP is best choice for you cause no loss of money changing course.


If you are prone to mosquito bites then be sure to bring repellent with you although you can buy it here on the island. The mosquitoes are most active at sunset; this is a dengue and malaria free region. Although there are a lot of tropical bugs on the island, there are no dangerous or venomous ones. Geckos are a regular feature in our resort and are a natural predator of the mosquito.

Good luck

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